“The sessions are really relaxing, and my wife has definitely noticed a less stressed me, cheers”

(Dave, Lenham, Kent)

 "My wife sent me for Reiki, I was skeptical, but was willing to try anything to help my back pain and anxiety. Its one of those things you have to experience to believe. Casey, thank you, this has changed our lives."

(Martin K, Deal, Kent) 

 "My wife sent me to Casey, I am embarrassed to say that I though it was all woo woo!! But once I met Casey I was surprised that she was so normal and down to earth. I am a builder and suffered with my back every day for the last 4. Years, I have tried everything. 

I had 4 Reiki and Tapping, double sessions- the back pain has gone!! That was 6 months ago. I now see Casey monthly for Reiki and it is saving my business! " 

(Brian, H, Surrey)