Reiki Treatments

Reiki is an ancient practice of healing, that is now becoming more widely recognised within the medical world. Reiki is powerful yet gentle and can be given to anyone from a new born baby to an older person.

People have Reiki for a number of reasons, and to help a number of symptoms related to conditions including;

* Physical pain

* Depression - Anxiety - Stress

* General maintenance of wellbeing

* Autism - ADHD

* Skin, muscle, bone conditions

(and much more)

Many people today lead lives which can create stress and “dis-ease” within the body. Stress is now recognised as a major contributory factor in ill health.

Illness occurs when our mind/and or body move away from its natural state of balance.

Reiki is a gentle hands on healing technique which restores

 natural balance within the body.

Scientific evidence has shown the benefits of Reiki through research.

Your appointment will last for 55 minutes, and is performed with you fully clothed. It complements, and can be given in conjunction with any medical treatment.