Meditation Mondays !!

Mindfulness Meditation Evenings

Coming  soon 

This class is taught by Casey Marie in a very 'real' way to enable you to feel comfortable in your surroundings and to be able to 'get it'.

Meditation doesn't need to be difficult!! You will learn techniques that you will be able to use at home (and teach your loved ones!) 

Come and join us for an evening of tranquil, calming meditation among like-minded people. The medical world now recognises that meditation has many health & well being benefits including;

  • Stress Reduction

  • Relieves anxiety (Meditation also reduces anxiety attacks by reducing the levels of blood lactate)

  • Decreases respiratory rate

  • Enhances the immune system; research has revealed that meditation increases activity of 'natural killer cells'

  • Meditation increases serotonin production which influences mood and behavior. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, obesity, insomnia & headaches.

  • And it just feels fantastic!!

You are welcome to bring;

  • A water bottle
  • A blanket 
  • A mat/cushion ( we also have chairs if you prefer)

Please feel free to contact us for more details, and to register .